With more than 15 years of experience in global trade with a strong focus in Latin America and Africa, warehouses in multiple countries and a network of more than 50 local agents, Aerodoc provides logistics services with world-class quality, efficiency and safety.

In a world gone global, the challenges of providing seamless supply chain solutions across geographical and cultural boundaries have increased exponentially. Aerodoc thrives in providing such logistics services, using high-tech logistics control tools to add value to customer operations and minimizing concerns.

Applying engineering to logistics guarantees economic benefits to our customers, and ensures they receive fast and secure delivery. We monitor all the process, from the moment we receive the merchandise until the moment is delivered where our customers want, which allows us to control lead times and total landed costs.

With our own offices, warehousing and agents in all countries in Latin America -including Argentina and Brazil- and Africa, as well as other emerging regions, we can meet all your distribution needs, both operationally and culturally.

Aerodoc provides personalized, world-class services and operates with a strong commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility.