Our Services

Your logistics needs might be complex, but working with Aerodoc is easy. Our full range of services, high-tech tools and personalized customer service all work together to ensure that we can meet all your import-export needs, smoothly and hassle-free. Services and tools include:
  • Use of Own Import Licenses - which allows us to provide true door-to-door services.
  • Customization of Our Services - to meet each company's specific supply chain needs, and to meet the requirements of each of the countries a company is importing to, or exporting from.
  • Logistics Engineering - to propose the very best operation options, and creatively solve all problems.
  • Independence - to select and use the transportation providers that best fit the unique requirements of each project.
  • Staging and Packaging - performed at our own warehouses, to protect customers’ equipment and streamline shipping.
  • Seamless Supply Chain - that includes shipment documentation, purchase order visibility, cross-docking support, forecasting, inventory replenishment, and lifecycle management.
  • Contingency Plan - for each project, which allows us to ensure our customers’ services to their customers in the case of accidental loses of in-transit or stored equipment.
  • Flat Rate Pricing - is all-inclusive and can be determined on a per case or monthly basis.
  • SLA for Guaranteed Transit Times.
  • Help Desk Support - 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Proximity - in working closely with each one of our customers, sharing critical shipment and forecast information to help optimize the total value of all services.
  • Visibility - to provide customers with online real-time data sharing, Estimated Time of Arrival, and timely responsiveness, by the use of an ERP supported tracking system.