At Aerodoc, Another Key Improvement to Our Processes
Allocating serial numbers before shipping brings greater visibility to the entire logistics operation and increases value to our customers.

Visibility, control and transparency are key issues when it comes to logistics. To provide better services and more efficiently management your business, you always need to always know exactly where your goods are, which aspects of the distribution process have been met, what the status of your product is, and when products will be delivered to customers.

At Aerodoc we are well aware of this. That’s why we strive to constantly improve our services and make all information available to customers through our website. And it’s why we recently performed a review of our shipping process to different countries from our main warehouse, and made an important change. We now assign serial numbers prior to national and international transit, so we can offer even better control of the operation right from the beginning.

This shift is particularly valuable for the telecommunications sector. These customers will now have information regarding each piece of equipment assigned to each final recipient at an earlier stage of the logistics operation. We understand that having this binding data in advance will generate added value. For example, it will help in managing activations of equipment. With this improved procedure—which also helps reduce times for total transit—our customers experience greater visibility and better monitoring of operations.

This initiative is just one part of Aerodoc's commitment to provide the best value-added logistics management to our clients. We are focused on meeting your needs in order to help you best meet your commitments. Allocating serial numbers before shipping joins tools such as Live Inventory, On Line Tracking tool, and the generation of indicators such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Working together, all of these allow us to better serve you, our customers.

Aerodoc at Events

Andina Link 2012 Centroamérica
An exciting convergence of cable operators, broadcasters and content providers, Andina Link was held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, from September 4 to 6. Aerodoc staff members visited the commercial exhibition, had meetings with many of the company’s clients. The Andina Link exhibition was accompanied by a wide range of technical and industry seminars. Late-breaking industry developments were covered by key players in the industry.

IBC2012 – The Biggest IBC Ever
The biggest exhibition and networking forum for the broadcast media and satellite communications industry, IBC2012 was held in Amsterdam from September 6 to 12. At the exciting, vibrant event, more than 1,300 exhibitors showed hot new products, trying to influence business leaders and to make headlines.

Many of the exhibitors caught the attention of Aerodoc’s staff members, who were there to investigate, discuss new trends, and work with new clients in the European Market. With more than 50,000 attendees, this was definitely the biggest, best IBC ever!

Jornadas ATVC 2012
Aerodoc hosted many business meetings at the 22nd “Jornadas ATVC” — the annual conference organized by ATVC, the Association of Cable TV and Audiovisual programmers and producers in Argentina. Held in Buenos Aires between September 26 and 28, this year’s conference was truly exciting, with most TV programmers and broadcasters operating in Latin America exhibiting their products. Local representatives of cable TV and Pay TV equipment manufacturers also showcased their products.

Aerodoc took advantage of the conference to meet with both current and prospective clients in our exclusive meeting room at Hilton Hotel. Thanks to all for visiting us!

Held from October 8 to 11 in Cannes, France, MIPCOM saw the industry validate its decision to go 100 percent international and multiplatform with all type contents, from soap operas and TV series to games and advertising. As attendees from Aerodoc learned, the main theme throughout the conference was that, moving forward, how, where and when content is delivered will increasingly be determined by the consumer!

The strong presence of Latin American programmers and broadcasters at MIPCOM motivated Aerodoc’s management to visit the exhibition and advertise in the event’s news magazines. Aerodoc attendees had an amazing time at MIPCOM, and we learned a lot!

Chile Media Show
Chile Media Show was held from during the 16 and 17 of October in Santiago de Chile´s Sheraton Hotel. One of the major subjects was the upcoming of digital television and how the new technology platforms will impact on contents. María Soto, President of Isos Group, spoke during the opening ceremony and said that “Chile is the second most developed country in Latin-American in terms of telecommunications”. She also gave information about the local market, assuring that the penetration of Pay TV in Chile is of 64%. The country has 40, 2% of households connected to pay TV and between January and June 2012, the number of homes subscribed to any type of pay TV was incremented in 40,169.

CAPER 2012
CAPER 2012 (va foto de stand en CAPER) Since 1992, the Cámara Argentina de Proveedores y Fabricantes de Equipos de Radiodifusión (in English, Argentine Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Electronic Media) have organized an annual equipment exposition. Geared for professionals in the industries of radio, television, cable, cinematography, satellite communication, illumination and audio, the CAPER meeting has received international acclaim.

With more than 6,000 attendees—from directors and professionals to techs and students—CAPER 2012 was held from October 24 to 26 in Buenos Aires. Aerodoc participated as an exhibitor, and this helped us to keep on top of developments in the industry, and the needs of our clients. Thank you to all who visited our stand!

Logistics Trade News
This month selection of relevant news related to logistics and trades from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chad, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, United States, Uganda, Venezuela and Center America and the Caribbean countries.

Logistics Chains Create the Basis of Competition
Antonio Zuidwijk, international transport specialist
El Cronista

October 17, 2012

When calculating transportation costs in Argentina for both people and cargo, we must take into account costs that are paid by the whole community of the country.

At the meeting of Intereses Marítimos (Maritime Interests), jointly organized by the Argentine Navy, the Naval Center and the Navy League, I had the opportunity to speak on the relationship between supply chains, competitiveness and transport policies. (I hope some readers will read the complete presentation, which can be found at I started with three basic points that must be taken into account when discussing the competitiveness of a country.


New Airport Concessions Should Avoid Big Changes
Leonardo Goy; editing Raquel Stenzel
O Estado de São Paulo
October 18, 2012

The Brazilian government should not allow radical changes in the concession model for the next airports that have been proposed to be taken control of by the private sector, said the president of Enterprise Planning and Logistics (EPL), Bernardo Figueiredo. He said, however, that there must be increased rigor in terms of the criteria used for selecting among companies that are interested in taking over the airports.,novas-concessoes-de-aeroportos-nao-devem-ter-grandes-mudancas,947420,0.htm


ProChile Moves Forward with Initiatives in Alternative Markets in the Face of the Country’s Financial Crisis
By Gonzalo Cerda Milla
Diario Financiero
October 10, 2012

ProChile is studying the possibility of reopening of an office in Africa to support the needs of private Chilean companies in relation to the financial growth taking place in Africa.

Following the announcement by Chile’s Central Bank that exports are declining in the country, the concerns of Chilean exporters have been felt more strongly. In fact, experts have determined that foreign trade is the main focus of international concerns regarding the Chilean economy, which has set off alarms.


Cargo National Observatory To Be Created
El Espectador
October 20, 2012

The center will help the consolidation of the sector and will have the support of National Planning (DNP).

The creation of the Cargo National Observatory, which is clearly needed by carriers, was announced by the Columbian Minister of Transport, Cecilia Alvarez-Correa Glen, during the assembly of Colfecar in Cartagena. This center will help promote industry consolidation, and it will have the support of National Planning (DNP) and the National Observatory of Freight Logistics (ONLC).


Panama Wants Deutsche Bank Back, and To Attract Lufthansa
Estrategia y Negocios
October 17, 2012

Panama wants the Deutsche Bank to return to the country, and to have Lufthansa airline flying directly to the nation from Germany, said Panama’s foreign minister, Romulo Roux.

During an interview at the Conference on Latin America held in Mainz, Germany Panama’s foreign minister, Romulo Roux explained that Panamanian delegation was making the trip to Germany to seek "an approach to improve the already good and excellent relations" with the European country. The conference was organized by the German and Latin American chambers of commerce.


Improved Procedures for Exporters To Be Implemented
El Peruano
October 17, 2012

Agents will be able to embark goods directly from their premises, and new OEA program makes deadlines shorter, says the Peruvian Deputy Superintendent of Customs.

The recent launch of the Authorized Economic Operator program (OEA, in Spanish) will strengthen the competitiveness of foreign trade agents by facilitating their ability to open new businesses and markets, said Rafael Garcia, Peru’s Deputy Superintendent of Customs. He also explained that the program will improve the country's customs administration by providing services that correspond to the most developed nations of the world.


New Trade Agreement Between Venezuela and Colombia Takes Effect
El Nacional
October 19, 2012

José Abril, President of Fedexport, explained that the agreement was delivered 30 days ago in Uruguay to the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi)

The Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) to regulate trade between Venezuela and Colombia took effect automatically, a month after it was submitted to Aladi headquarters, reported the Colombian Embassy in Caracas. José Abril, President of Fedexport, the diplomatic office in charge of bilateral trade, said that the agreement was delivered 30 days ago in Uruguay to the Latin American Integration Association (Aladi), and that the association’s rules state that a month after submission, the agreement becomes fully formalized.


Group Advocates Return of Pre-shipment Inspection Regime for Imports
By Taiwo Hassan
The Guardian
October 17, 2012

The National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (NCMDLCA) has called for a return of pre-shipment regime for imported items. The council president, Mr. Lucky Amiworo, said it was imperative to switch from the present destination inspection regime saying it was vulnerable to terrorist exploitation since it allowed the influx of dangerous and sub-standard goods such as arms, ammunitions and, dangerous security items into the country.

   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES                    

Kosovo Calling for Air Arabia in First for UAE aviation
October 20, 2012

High-flying Air Arabia has announced a new destination will be added to its ever-expanding radar—the Republic of Kosovo. The Sharjah-based airline will become the first UAE flyer to add the route to its schedule. HE Dritan Gjonbalaj, director general of Kosovo’s Civil Aviation Authority, said the flow of goods, services and people between the two counties was “only likely to increase.”

About Para los Chicos
para los chicos

Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor (“A Better Future for Children”) is a fundraising charity created by Aerodoc in 2007 with the objective of helping children in remote and poor regions of Argentina to continue receiving their formal education.

Today, Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor helps four elementary schools with a total of 168 students. The fund works to help keep these children studying and growing academically, and to ensure they have the opportunity to go to high school and, in a future, maybe even to college. Helping these children succeed in life not only creates a better future for each child, but also for society.

Every two months, a team of Aerodoc employees (including the CEO) travels to the remote locations to bring school supplies, books, food, clothes, toys and even bicycles. Most of these kids live far away from the schools, in isolated landscapes, and without bicycles they have to walk miles each day to go to class. 

Twice a year a team also takes care of critical infrastructure and maintenance jobs according to the needs of each school.

The fund is committed, permanently, to working with the school directors and teachers to keep track of all needs, not only in general, but also in particular cases.

The fund is supported by private donations. For more information about Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor, go to You can also write us at: or visit our web site

Welcome to the Sixth Edition of the Aerodoc Newsletter!

It’s a pleasure to once again welcome you to our monthly newsletter, the goal of which is to keep you updated regarding what we are doing to ensure we provide you with the best services possible. One way we do this is by constantly adding innovation to our logistics’ processes. Another way is by participating in the most important industry events in the global marketplace of broadcasting and telecommunications.

We are pleased to announce details about our new way of assigning serial numbers. This permits us to have 100 percent control of each logistics operation, starting from its point of origin. It also helps us further increase visibility and reduce transit times for our clients, which allows you to get the most out of your business.

In this issue, we also tell you about our recent participation in many industry events, including Andina Link 2012 Centroamérica; “The Biggest IBC Ever” in Amsterdam; the 22nd ATVC annual convention in Buenos Aires; the MIPCOM 2012 in Cannes; and the CAPER 2012 exhibition. As always, we were excited to participate in these events because they give us the chance to meet with you personally and to learn about your successes, challenges, and ever-changing logistics needs.

As always, in “Logistics Trade News” we continue to keep you informed about the latest developments and news in the world of international commercial logistics.

Thank you for your continued support in helping us improve our services, and ensuring that Aerodoc plays a critical role in your operational success.

Germán Muller
Aerodoc President
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