Brazil World Cup 2014: a true challenge for telecommunications and broadcasting

When Brazilian government and FIFA defined -at the beginning of 2013- World Cup broadcasting related commitments, a Memorandum of Understanding” was created to establish obligations that ensure an “exemplary” telecommunications services for the event.

“Without telecommunications there is no World Cup”.

The statement was made by FIFA Secretary-General Jerome Valcke, as well as Brazil's Minister of Communications Paulo Bernardo when the Memorandum was signed.

That telecommunications are critical for an event such as the World Cup is a certainty. And with the upcoming of not only the 2014 FIFA World Cup but also the 2016 Olympic Games being held in Brazil, operators are rushing to roll out new technology. The Brazilian government has issued a law offering tax breaks for new telecom investments in networks that support access to fixed broadband, broadcasting and mobile broadband.

This context marks in a great measure the forecasted explosion of the telecommunications industry in Latin America for 2014. And Aerodoc is ready to face such a challenge. Most of its customers will be heavily involved with the transmission of the Cup particularly, and will play a significant role in the development of new deals and operations. In order to respond and fulfill the expectations within that landscape, logistics and customs operations will take a major and important part of the process. “Aerodoc is fully aware of the responsibility and preparedness needed to be part of this process. Acting as a partner of its customers, almost as if it were an area inside their companies is vital for success. Anticipating to all the needs and act proactively towards them, providing strong support and solutions. It is how Aerodoc has envisioned and conceived its service for 2014. To work right next to its customers, providing a day by day service”, affirmed Aerodoc CEO, German Muller.

New office in Peru
In 2013 Aerodoc continued its expansion in Latin America and opened a new office in Peru. The purpose of the new office is to add a new spot in Latin America to operate even more closely customs´ logistics. It also allows Aerodoc to reinforce the infrastructure needed for the projected growth in the telecommunications, television and technology industries.
New additions to Aerodoc Team
During 2013 Aerodoc Team was enriched with the incorporation of three new players.
Chief Financial Officer - Antonio Sanz de Acedo is an accomplished professional, with extensive international background and ample understanding of all aspects of international markets, with specific expertise in the U.S. & Latin America. Antonio brings to Aerodoc over 20 years of executive leadership experience, having held management positions in International Banking, International Trade, Shipping and Logistics. 

Until recently Antonio was with the YMCA of Broward County as the Assistant Controller and previously he was the Regional Finance Manager with APL and APL Logistics where he worked for 12 years. In APL/APL Logistics he was responsible for the day to day finances, including Accounting functions, Treasury, Auditing and new business proposals.  In addition he provided corporate management with timely reviews of regional financials, which summarize business performances, variances and opportunities and served as Managements’ Leadership team member, which goal is to identify and implement areas of opportunity / improvement.

Antonio is a graduate from Barry University and has an MBA from Nova Southestern University, lives in Miami with his wife and two daughters. “After joining Aerodoc in May 2013, a number of challenges awaited the finance team.  Since then, we have been able to make corrections and improvements in our internal and reporting processes. In addition we reviewed our structure in the region and added key personnel, or outsource where necessary.   All these changes have made Aerodoc’s finance team stronger and we now look forward and with confidence to the challenges of expanding and improving”, afirmed Antonio.
Chief Information Officer – Edgardo Fernandez Climent has an MBA degree and over 25 years of experience in the industry.He worked for 10 years at Ocasa, where he was responsible for worlwide IT Operations.

The CIO is a new position in Aerodoc and has been created to continue the path of integrated our IT structure with our customer´s in order to be able to provide them a better control and management of all of their processes with us.
Account Manager – Fernando Conil-Reichard is an experienced project and account manager with over 30 years working for companies such as GDS, Konex, Novita and Skynet. In his new position at Aerodoc Fernando will be responsible for the management of specific accounts, the relationship with the customer and the control of all the chain process.
Para los Chicos: New Goals
para los chicos

Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor (“A Better Future for Children”) is a fundraising charity created by Aerodoc in 2007 with the objective of helping children in remote and poor regions of Argentina to continue receiving their formal education.

Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor has just added a new school making five the number of elementary schools helped by the Fund, and reaching a total of 195 families. In 2013 all the objectives planned were reached, and the new goal is to add a sixth school in the next months.

The fund works to help keep these children studying and growing academically, and to ensure they have the opportunity to go to high school and, in a future, maybe even to college. Helping these children succeed in life not only creates a better future for each child, but also for society.

Every two months, a team of Aerodoc employees (including the CEO) travels to the remote locations to bring school supplies, books, food, clothes, toys and even bicycles. Most of these kids live far away from the schools, in isolated landscapes, and without bicycles they have to walk miles each day to go to class.

Twice a year a team also takes care of critical infrastructure and maintenance jobs according to the needs of each school.

The fund is committed, permanently, to working with the school directors and teachers to keep track of all needs, not only in general, but also in particular cases.

The 2014 plan and the 2013 balance are available at Para los Chicos web site.

The fund is supported by private donations. For more information about Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor, please visit You can also write us at:

Aerodoc: ready for great 2014 challenges

2013 has been a year of growth and consolidatioon for Aerodoc, restructuring our business proposition and implementing new services for our customers.

We have open a new office in Peru, adding a new spot in Latin America to work closer with our partners and local authorities. This will allow us to reinforce our infrastructure for our projected growth in the telecommunications, television and technology industries.

We continue attending fairs and conventions in every part of the world, to be close to our customers, joining them in their product and services launches. It also helps us to understand where your future business needs will be, so we can be there to support you when you need them.

We have also added new people to our team, increasing experience, knowledge and professionalism in our processes, mainly focusing in improving the performance of our services.

Several challenges are expecting us in 2014, and we are ready for what we know will be a year of significant growth.

We have reinforced our presence in Brazil and are prepared for the World Cup. And event of such characteristics has heavily demands in the critic processes of our customers.

And we´ll continue adding services with the objective of providing our customers with a One-Stop-Shop, from the very first moment they hand out their products, including installation, repairs, and replacement in cases of mal functioning or broken pieces.

We are also pleased to share with you that we have started to analyze a future movement of Distribution Center, since our growth has exceeded our expectations. It is very much likely that sometime next year will find us in a new home, where we will continue providing you with our superior service.

2013 has been great to us, and much of our success has been achieved thanks to you. We will continue working closely with you during 2014, providing support to all of your projects, day by day.

Thank you for your business and for trusting Aerodoc.

German Muller
CEO Aerodoc
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