May 2015

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1.     Great Challenges in 2015

2.     Aerodoc Welcomes New Team Members

3.     Upcoming Events

4.     Logistic Trade News

5.     Para los Chicos

Aerodoc, Ready for great Challenges in 2015

2015 has been a great year of growth and consolidation for Aerodoc.

By restructuring our commercial department and by implementing new services for our customers, we at Aerodoc, are new and improved.

Our continued attendance at broadcasting and telecommunication events around the world ensures that we maintain the most current and relevant information. By joining our clients in their product and service launches we uphold close relationships. The close relationships we hold with our customers allow us to better understand just where their companies are going and how we can help them to succeed along the way.

Recently we have added several new employees to our team, increasing experience, knowledge and professionalism in the processes. We expect the remainder of 2015 to bring us several challenges, however we know that with our new improvements we are ready to surpass any obstacle that may come our way.

So far, 2015 has proven to be a year of significant growth, all of which could not be possible if not for the continued support of our customers. In the time to come, we will continue to work closely with you, supporting all of your projects, day by day. 

Thank you for your business and for trusting Aerodoc.


Abel Tamayo: Sales Vice President

Abel received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University and has over 30 years of experience in the Broadcast, PAYTV, and Telecom Industries. .

At Aerodoc, Abel will be responsible for developing market strategies, planning, alliances/partnerships, and new distribution models. Welcome Abel, we at Aerodoc are proud to have you on our team!


Bernardo Hoffmann: Argentinian Manager


Bernardo Hoffmann is a highly accomplished, commercial professional with strong business background, including 15 years in marketing.

Receiving his industrial engineer degree from Argentina’s Catholic University, Bernardo has reinforced his education by attending several professional development courses at top tear universities such as the Darden Graduate School of Business at University of Virginia.


Renato Maurano: Brazil Manager

Renato Maurano is a professional, with extensive background in international companies and has an ample understanding of the different aspects associated with the Brazilian market. 

Renato has over twenty years of experience as financial business partner working in different segments such as telecommunications, retail and software companies.

Events at Aerodoc

Aerodoc continues to attend major broadcasting and telecommunication events all over the world. Attending these events allows us to maintain close ties with our customers, and keeps us constantly updated on developments and trends in these markets. Ensuring our continued relevance in logistics solutions which our tailored to your specific needs. Below you will find a short description of the events we plan on attending in the near future.


LATSAT: Mexico (May 20-21)

LATSAT will bring together over 200 executive-level participants from the entire Latin American satellite communications value chain for two days of high-level debates on local and global market issues. The summit is the unique executive meeting place where Latin American stakeholders can network, discuss evolutions in the sector and do business with national and regional counterparts.


IBC: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Sept.10-15)

The IBC will unite technologies and business models powering the creation management and delivery of all forms of electronic media content to consumers. From OTT delivery, mobile TV and Cloud production to the economics of Ultra HD, digital cinema innovation and the rise of social television, IBC sits at the forefront of all the recent major changes in the industry.


VSAT: London, UK (Sept. 16-18)

VSAT serves as the annual meeting place for major decision makers across the industry. Her they will discuss key issues, latest industry developments and identify opportunities across the globe.


Cabletec: New Orleans, USA (Oct. 13-16)

Cabletec is the cable telecommunications engineering show of the year. In one cost-effective setting nearly 10,000 attendees annually seize the opportunity to discover and learn first-hand about the latest in cable telecommunications technology, products and services.


Tecno Television: Bogota, Colombia

Expo TecnoTelevisión & Radio 2015, promises an excellent trade show and  high-level conferences that will discuss issues related to production, post production and digital television operations.


CABSET: Dubai, UAE (March 8-10, 2016)

CABSAT is the largest trade show in the region for Broadcasting, Satellite & Connected digital media, with a respected 20-year history. It is the only regional show focused on Broadcast and Satellite equipment catering to the growing demand and need for the creation of content in the region.


Thomas McCarthy: Broadcasting Sales Vice President


Thomas is an accomplished professional with an extensive international background and an ample understanding of the different aspects associated with international markets.

Over the past twenty-five years, Thomas has successfully developed new markets for world-class corporations throughout Latin America and the United States

David Eljure: Senior Account Manager

David is an experienced manager with over 10 years of experience in Logistic Services, international business, legal procedures and NAFTA.

In his new position at Aerodoc, David is responsible for the management of Mexico’s Broadcasting and Telecom Vertical accounts.  We are confident that David’s experience is a valuable asset to Aerodoc and our very happy to have him on our team

Logistics trade News

Latin America


International Monetary Fund Urges Tax Reform in Colombia


At the end of its annual Mission in Colombia, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded in a report that the country needs an urgent reform in order to increase its tax revenue, expanding the tax base and reviewing the General VAT rate (which is 16 percent).

According to the IMF delegate, Valerie Cerra, the implementation of a reform of the tax system must achieve a simplification of the same, based on an improvement of the Country’s competitiveness.


Ecuadorian Government Issues Decree Allowing Tax Rebates for Exporters


The Government issued the Executive Order 607 which amends the Regulation of the Customs Facilitation Title for Foreign Trade, whereby makes viable the conditional tax repayment for exporters according to the conditions and parameters set by the Committee of Foreign Trade (Comex).

The Decree gives a period of 30 days to the National Customs Service of Ecuador (Senae) and to the Central Bank to develop NECESSARY computer applications to operationalize the incentive.


South Africa


Kenyan Airways Win African Cargo Airline of the Year


Kenyan Airway’s ‘KQ’ have won African Cargo Airline of the Year for a second year in a row in an online poll conducted by the Shipping, Transport, Aviation and Tourism (STAT) magazine.

The India-based monthly publication recognizes the increasing significance of freight in Africa, publishing a bi-monthly magazine called Logistics Update Africa (LUA) featuring up-to-date analysis, editorials, and news. The airliner was voted by readers ahead of big players Etihad Cargo, as well as continental rivals South African Air Cargo to win the prestigious award, showing that this company lives up to its motto as “pride of Africa.”


Kenya Signs Tax Agreement with South Africa


The treaty between Kenya and South Africa was signed and ratified by Kenyan government  following the earlier ratification by South Africa. Despite the ratification by Kenya, the final step required to bring the treaties into force (a notification by each contra not completed. Consequently, the treaties can now, at the earliest, only enter into force on 1 January 2016 as it is stipulated that the treaties will become effective on the first of January following the date of the required notification.

New Goals for, Para Los Chicos

Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor (“A Better Future for Children”) is a fundraising charity created by Aerodoc in 2007 with the objective of helping children in remote and poor regions of Argentina to continue receiving their formal education.


The fund works to help keep these children study and grow academically, and to ensure they have the opportunity to go to high school and in the future, maybe even college. Helping these children succeed in life not only creates a better future for each child, but also for society.

Last year we started helping 184 students enrolled in five different elementary schools located in a rural area of the Argentinean state of Santiago del Estero. Every two months, food and school supplies were delivered to these children of pre-school and primary level. 

This year we hope to increase our efforts by helping 203 students in seven schools. In addition, we will provide all the necessary cooking utensils for each kitchen. We also have continued to work on the completion and renewal of these dining rooms. We gave 26 bikes, 28 lanterns and 35 pairs of shoes as an incentive for those students that are excelling in their new and improved environment.

In 2015 we have scheduled periodical visits to these schools in order to work closely with the school’s directors and teachers. These visits will help us better understand what the necessary resources are. Such as food, school supplies, health, catechesis and infrastructure.

We have already begun adding new floor to ones of the school’s dining room. Once finished we will provide tables and chairs.

All this great work would not be possible if not for  the support of private donations. For more information about Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor, go to You can also write us at: or visit our web site

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