Social Responsibilty

. A Better Future for Children

Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor ("A Better Future for Children") is a fundraising charity created by Aerodoc in 2007 with the objective of helping children in remote and poor regions of Argentina to succeed in school. Today, Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor helps four elementary schools with more than 160 students. The fund works to help keep these children studying and growing academically, and to ensure they have the opportunity to go to high school and, in a future, maybe even to college. Helping these children succeed in life not only creates a better future for each child, but also for society.

Every two months, a team of Aerodoc employees (including the CEO) travels to the remote locations to bring school supplies, books, food, clothes, toys and even bicycles. Most of these children live far away from the schools, in isolated landscapes, and without bicycles they have to walk miles each day to attend classes.

Twice a year a team headed by Aerodoc volunteers takes care of critical infrastructure and maintenance needs, helping prioritize the needs of each school.

The fund is committed, permanently, to working with the schools' directors and teachers to keep track of all needs, both in general as well for individual students.

The fund is supported by private donations.