Online Tracking

Through online tracking, Aerodoc provides customers with real-time data sharing offering a seamless supply chain. Information that can be accessed includes shipment documentation, purchase order visibility, cross-docking support, and advanced services including forecasting, inventory replenishment, and lifecycle management.

Aerodoc's tracking systems allow our customers to see online the exact progress of each shipment-stage by stage. Through web access (link), customers can enter the shipment tracking number and obtain the status of the merchandise. (If in customs, if it is received; if in transit, delivery times, record of the loads, and identification of who has received the shipment are all available.)

The tracking system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides transparency on the status of shipments. This gives Aerodoc's customers reliable information critical for their internal planning.

The tool also provides visibility regarding the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), which is kept updated online, and which is calculated based on:

  • (a) standardized times for each type of operation according to its origin and destination.
  • (b) the "live" evolution of the shipment.

The "live" evolution of the shipments is monitored by Aerodoc's Project Office, a team dedicated to track the status of all shipments, and continuously updating available information.